30 Kays in 30 Days Challenge

Spookier than ever

Need to get in shape for the Freaky Fun Run? Why not join the 30 kays in 30 days Run Challenge. This is the perfect fix for anyone who needs some motivation and direction to get going and get ready for the big day.

More experienced runners who need a bigger challenge can go for the double of 60 kays in 30 days or for the
very motivated, 90 kays in 30 days.

This event will be similar to The Tour de Sandhurst in that individual run times, treadmill running or any running done use a recording device that can be presented to the Sports Centre staff will be counted towards the leaderboard. The goal is to have as many people running in the lead up to the Freaky Fun Run and getting through it with a personal best time.

The Challenge starts on 30 September and finishes on 29 October, the day of the Fun Run.

To the right is a schedule that has been set out as Saturday, Monday and Thursday allowing for adequate recovery between runs. These days can be changed but runners are encouraged to keep days off between runs. The plan gradually increases the distances of the runs and the aim is to complete the distances prescribed for each session but that can be broken down with short walking periods if needed.