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Partners Sandhurst Club Melbourne

Lincoln Butt is a certified financial planner and NAB financial adviser in Carrum Downs. Having worked at NAB for the past 12 years in financial planning, Lincoln has been able to help and work with a diverse range of clients. He mainly specialises in retirement planning advice to ensure clients can enjoy a comfortable and sustainable retirement.

Lincoln prides himself on excellent customer service, and appreciates the trust that clients put in him to manage their retirement affairs.

Lincoln is married with a young family and enjoys being part of the local community in Frankston.

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Sandhurst Club Security

Partners Sandhurst Club Melbourne

Speak to anyone who has experienced the process of buying or selling real estate and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and, ultimately, compromise. One of the many goals of Sandhurst Real Estate is to ensure your next move is a positive one.

Sandhurst Real Estate was founded around one simple mission. “To deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations”. They have created ‘Best Practice Systems’ that provides solutions and satisfaction to clients’ most desired wants and needs. At the foundation of their ‘success system’ is a philosophical shift from being a ‘facilitator’ presenting to a Real Estate Consumer to becoming a ‘catalyst’ for a Real Estate Client to find success in an industry that for decades has been inefficient and often ineffective.

Sandhurst Real Estate has thoroughly researched what clients require from their agent. What they have found is that clients are craving a professional who can listen to their individual wants and needs and provide solutions. The team at Sandhurst Real Estate does just that.

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