Additional Patrols Added To Security

Julian Murray, CEO

As we are all aware the Sandhurst community has been impacted by a recent spike in criminal activity within the estate. This is of utmost concern to both Sandhurst Management and Bellrock Security and a resolution to these issues is our top priority. 

We are working closely with Victoria Police, your Resident Committee, Sandhurst Neighbourhood Watch and Bellrock Security (formally Quad Security) to ensure that everything possible is being done to achieve this goal. An additional patrol car has been added to the early hours of the morning when events have been occurring for a trial period.

Whilst Security is taking every step possible to address your concerns, the community as a whole can assist by being as vigilant as possible and contacting security on 1300 881 823 in the event any suspicious activity is witnessed or crime committed. All reported incidents will be investigated as a matter of urgency by our onsite Sandhurst dedicated security personnel. 

It is important at this time that all measures are taken to lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim. These include: ensuring that all cars where possible are stored in garages or if left on the street are locked; locking all gates and doors including garages; alarms are armed when not at home and perimeter alarms are armed overnight. We will continue to review core security services being; a dedicated onsite Security Manager, remote alarm monitoring, manned guard patrolling and CCTV coverage, to ensure they are the best services to maintain a safe community.