Bellrock Security update

Julian Murray, CEO

Winter is a great time to make sure your home is as secure as it can be! While the colder weather stops us from working on our home we can assess the security measures we have in place and look into the extra measures we may be able to implement.

Securing your garden
Have a look around the garden and think about some areas you can improve. Fencing and gates are an obvious but often an over-looked security asset. Is your side gate in good condition with a solid lock? Secure garden furniture, wheelie bins and even kids toys. These are often used by criminals to climb your fences and gain access to windows. Gravel pathways while being decorative can also act as an alert system. Does your garden need a good cut back? Over-grown shrubs and hedges are often used by criminals to hide from unwanted eyes. By keeping your garden neat and tidy it prevents criminals using it against you and looks great.

Securing your home
There are small things we can do to help prevent unwanted visitors while we are not at home; add sensor lights to the front and rear entrances of your home, make sure all windows are secure, ensure your doors and locks are in good condition. An often overlooked security measure is leaving a spare set of keys outside. You are better leaving a spare set with a trusted neighbour, which also has the added advantage of another set of eyes looking over your property.

If you have a bigger budget consider taking your home security to the next level. Adding an alarm and CCTV system to your home has never been more affordable and easy to use, with notifications sent straight to your phone. Your garage door is a vital security component of your home. There are new systems that allow you to check if it has been left open from your phone and close it. This doesn’t always require a new door, just a motor. It can be great piece of mind.

Paul Aczel
Sandhurst Club’s Security Manager