Sandhurst Bunker Matrix Update

Sandhurst Melbourne matrix works

Throughout June our course Superintendent and his team were able to get the Matrix bunker work completed quickly. This was in no small part due to a relative dry June and some very hard work by ground staff. Sand installation has begun on the Champs and the North will follow.

The installation of the Matrix system to all bunkers at Sandhurst will help to improve drainage and continue to improve overall play-ability.

A total of 325 tones of Matrix was applied by staff in just over 3 weeks! All North course bunkers are complete. During these works there was some very small modifications to bunkers on the 4th, 5th and 11th. Sand will start going into these bunkers during the first weeks of July. The sand used has a percentage of coarser sand to assist with compaction. It is anticipated to take 5-6 weeks to install all of the sand.

The Champions Course saw Matrix was installed on the 15th and 18th greenside bunkers this year with more Matrix work to continue during next winter.