Community Group Fund

Sandhurst Melbourne Community Group Fund

The Community Group Fund is responsible for the collection and distribution of all community, charitable, special event and sponsorship funding associated with Sandhurst Club. Through these efforts, along with encouraging member participation and recognition for voluntary efforts, the Fund strengthens our community and further enhances the premier lifestyle for which we are renowned.

The Community Can Drive is just one of the many initiatives of the Group Fund. Additionally, the Fund supports community groups as well an individuals and groups within Sandhurst through the provision of grants. As mentioned in the last edition of The Hub, there has been a spike in requests for charitable support recently and this has continued in the lead up to the end of the year.

One area in particular that has been the focus of charitable requests is the function spaces within the Club. The function spaces are a key source of revenue whilst providing invaluable member social interaction opportunities. Balancing the needs of this utilisation is complex. Whilst member discounts apply to private use of function spaces, strong focus on commercial returns which benefit all members are prioritised. Members are strongly encouraged to utilise the function spaces, however minimum spend policies and other conditions may apply in peak periods.

For more information on member discounts, minimum spend policies and availability, please contact the Events Team. Any requests for discounts or special treatment (for charitable purposes) regarding function spaces should be directed through the Community Group Fund grant process for transparency and the appropriate treatment.

The Community Group Fund Committee meet on a quarterly basis to review and approve all requests for funding. For more information about the Fund, previous grant recipients, the Fund policy and grant applications forms, click here