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SwingFit at Sandhurst Melbourne

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This event is running from 25 September 2019 until 30 October 2019. It is next occurring on September 25, 2019 11:00 am

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Coming into Spring we are happy to introduce a new and improved SwingFit program starting on Wednesday 25 September. The program will run for 6 weeks concluding on Wednesday 30 October.

We sat down with Linda Kyriakides who completed the program last year to get an insight into her experience;

What made you participate in the SwingFit program?
It offered me a dual benefit in that it combined fitness work and golf. I had no experience in golf but would often pass the golf course on my daily strolls around the estate. It looked like a low impact sport that I can take part in as I have some injury issues.

What did you like about the SwingFit program?
Golf appears to be a complicated game but we were taught basic fundamentals that were easy to understand and fun. On the fitness side of things, the exercises were gentle and focused more on flexibility and core strength and I loved the social aspect of it. We did a lot of partnered activities to offer words of encouragement to each other and of course I loved the coffee and social chit chat after our sessions.

What are you doing now?
Shortly after the program ended, I attended a regular Friday morning clinic conducted by the PGA which was great as it helped me further develop my skills and knowledge of the game. I play 9 holes with a few of the members (Robyn, Rosemary, Marie, Rebecca, Natasha) of the original SwingFit program. I have also started participating in Sandhurst’s group exercise classes and am now a regular participant of all. I can now hold a 3 minute plank.

Would you recommend it others?
Absolutely. I was very nervous about the first session but Corinna (the deliverer), had an infectious enthusiasm and passion for the program that eased my worries away. It isn’t just all about golf. I have made great friends, incorporated an improved attitude towards exercise and picked up another hobby for life.

SwingFit Program
Wednesdays 11am from 25 September, meet in the Sports Centre. $150 per member.

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