Executive Update

executive update Sandhurst Melbourne

The weather is turning, and spring is in the air! October was Golf Australia’s Golf Month, a nationwide celebration of golf. The Club promoted a number of events, activities and golfing products, including the Summer Golf Pass and the “Affordable 7-day Membership”. Up to the end of October a total of 54 new members have joined on the “Affordable Membership”, which is just $2,800 for 12 months. The Club will be looking for that number to increase as the golfing weather improves.

With the improving golf weather, it is also the best time for course renovations. The greens on the Championship Course have recovered well after the coring and the North Course are also well on their way to recovery. The fairway line planting program is now underway with the Santa Ana sprigs in their infancy in areas of fairway across holes 1, 2, 10 and 13 on the North Course. Golfers are reminded to please respect these areas and follow the signage directions. The successful implementation of this program will see a much improved playing experience for golfers.
Off the course it is busy time too with Shareholders voting on a constitutional change at the recent Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). The Chair information session held immediately after the EGM was also a good opportunity for members and residents to receive an update from the Board.

The Board Charter has now been completed and Board endorsed candidates will be announced when the notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) is officially provided.
The Board, Committees and Management are working collaboratively to prepare the FY18 Annual Report which will also be available with the official notice of the AGM and provides operational and strategic insights from all contributors.

There is also a lot of activity happening around the estate, with the rollout upgrades to CCTV well under way. There are a number of areas where the rapid walls are being repaired, painted or both. The new anti-slip surface has been applied to the pool area, the unsightly mats have been removed and this should see a significant decrease in the number of slip incidents. Finally, the extended gym hours trial has been a success with many members taking up the early / late access offer. This will now be a permanent offering.

The Thompsons Rd Upgrade project is in full swing with McCormicks Rd being cut off at the entrance to Sandhurst. The nice weather has helped to speed up the project timeline but works will continue into December. Head to the Sandhurst website (latest news) for an easy to use map that details all of the detours and closures in place as not all GPS systems have live updates. Additionally, check in regularly on the Club’s Facebook page for updates from the Major Road Projects Authority (MRPA) who host regular opportunities for the public to come meet the project team and provide updates. We understand the inconvenience this is causing members and trust the completed works will be justified compensation.

Spring is also the time of year the Club commences it’s annual surveys of members. New for this year and to encourage greater participation, there are ten $25 vouchers to be won by random draw just for participating. The first survey was sent out in late October and covers the Health Club. The Club’s series of annual surveys are a valuable tool that allow management to gauge member satisfaction with current products and services; provide members with an opportunity to share feedback; and enable management to track progress yearly. Your voice matters – lots of new initiatives have taken place as a result of the information members have provided in the past five years of surveys, including the extended operating hours recently introduced in the Health Club.

On another note, Ray Morrow has resigned from his Executive Chef position at the Club. Ray was one of the Club’s longest serving staff members having started in March 2009 and leaves behind a legacy of excellent quality food and professionalism, especially through transition when hospitality led the positive change. If you get the opportunity please join us all in thanking Ray for his contribution of over 9 and a half years and wish him well for the future.

Eddie Warfield
Finance Manager