Executive update

The Club’s AGMs were conducted at the end of November and a strong contingent of members turned out to take an active interest in the past year’s performance, future plans and to elect Directors to oversee their attainment. The implementation of online direct voting created some challenges, namely its unfamiliarity, the proxy allocation and the constitutional requirement for a separate resolution for each Director candidate. These will be reviewed throughout the year and where appropriate changes will be made. The objectives of improving the accessibility for all shareholders to vote, the administration and the integrity of the process was certainly achieved. It is anticipated the number of shareholders voting in future will dramatically improve as the accessibility and awareness grows. Congratulations to elected Directors Des Arnolda, Lance Blackbeard, Grant Cummin and Malcolm Thomson.

Nearing the halfway mark of the financial year, the Club is trading positively and slightly ahead of its forecast budget surplus. This result has been achieved while still implementing the Club’s 20-year capital plan to maintain and improve its assets. Members can look forward to a refreshed restaurant in the New Year to complement improvements in the product quality over the past couple of months.

A major tree audit throughout the Estate will be completed prior to Christmas and will prioritise works to maintain the trees’ safety, health and habitat as they continue to mature.

Unfortunately, commencement of construction of the Child Care Centre and Frankston City Council voting on the submitted Roads Transfer Proposal has not occurred as anticipated prior to Christmas. It is expected both of these items should only be delayed for a quarter.

The golfers’ pinnacle annual event of the Club Championships was completed during November and participants enjoyed the impressive course conditions delivered by Superintendent Cory, befitting the status of the event. Congratulations is extended to all finalists and eventual winners. It was pleasing to crown two new overall champions in Bryon and Hannah which reflects the high calibre of youth presently in the Club.

The leadup to Christmas is regularly a busy period and this year is no exception with the breadth of services offered to celebrate the occasion. We look forward to continuing to provide these to members and their guests throughout the festive season. The Club wishes all members a very happy and safe New Year.

Julian Murry

Sandhurst Club Melbourne Executive Team