Executive Update

Sandhurst Melbourne

We are now three quarters of the way through the FY19 financial year and the Club is performing well ahead of both budget and FY18. Pleasingly, golf operations revenue (golf membership and green fees) is exceeding expectations while major expenses have been well managed. There have been a number of major abnormal items that have further improved the strong position including the sale of golf carts, employee LSL and long outstanding debt recovery. The annual member survey has now been completed and the results collated. Overall, member satisfaction of services was positive and much Constructive feedback and ideas were gathered. Upcoming issues of the Hub will provide a summary of the survey feedback and how this feedback will be acted upon.

The Board will be conducting its annual planning workshop in early May to plan for continued success for the years ahead. As stated at the recent members information session attended by over 100 members on Monday 15 April, major issues such as golf membership models, clubhouse expansions, growth opportunities, governance, communication etc. will all be front and centre at this planning session to drive improvement in the value proposition to both resident and golf members.

The Club will welcome Jodie McDonald in May to the Executive team as the new Sales & Marketing Manager replacing Natalia Peterson after seven years of service. The Club is looking forward to Jodie’s contributions with her well regarded marketing experience gained in similar industries, her fresh perspective and enthusiasm for the Sandhurst product are sure to be of great benefit to the Club.

Activity around the Clubhouse precinct continues to grow with new junior events, introduction of televisions in the piazza, hospitality product quality improvements and a broad array of member events that continue to be well supported and drive the desired community spirit. Popular events in the past quarter have been The Masters Breakfast despite the last-minute schedule changes due to weather, Easter Sunday’s Easter egg hunt, Restaurant BYO wine night, the family magic show and the Good Friday Appeal golf day that raised over $5k. The Club will be holding a 15-year anniversary dinner on Saturday 29 June for residents, golf members and their guests to celebrate this milestone and reflect on the first residents, opening of the Clubhouse and North Course in June 2004.

One of the Club’s greatest attributes is its higher standard of expected behaviour around the Clubhouse facilities, on the golf courses and throughout the Estate common spaces. Although, the Club has a member code of conduct and disciplinary by-law to deal with breaches, a peer-based approach is often a more effective deterrent. I encourage all members to be active in protecting our Club’s wonderful environment for not only themselves but for all associated.

Julian Murray