From the Chairperson

An Extraordinary General Meeting for both Sandhurst Club Limited (SCL) and Sandhurst Holding (Australia) Limited (SHAL) was conducted on Monday 15 October 2018 to vote on a change to the constitution to allow for direct (electronic) voting. On both occasions, the votes were passed without objection. The Board would like to thank all members who provided their support and look forward to introducing the changes for the upcoming Director elections and AGM in November.

The request for suitably qualified candidates for Board endorsed Director nominations as contained in the Board Charter yielded eight quality candidates. The Working Group appointed by the Board, consisting of two current directors and two appropriately qualified shareholders have completed their assessment process including interviewing all candidates and have made a recommendation to the Board. Reaching this determination was a difficult process as all candidates possessed relevant skills to be Directors. It is important to note that endorsement is not a reflection of an applicant’s credentials, but rather the Board’s view of the skills required at present to achieve a diversified and capable Board moving forward. Thanks to all candidates for their interest in offering their services to the Club which reflects strongly for the Club’s future.

Finally, the nominations for Director for both SCL and SHAL were open until 30 October 2018. Members will soon be informed of the Board endorsed candidates in the notices of meetings, along with all other candidates standing for election as Director.