Resident Committee Election Nomination Form

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It’s election time!

Do you love where you live? Do you want to contribute to the continued success and advancement of our great community? Why not nominate for the Resident Committee?

It was disappointing last year that only two nominations were received, but after conducting some research the Committee acknowledges that further communication of the finer details of who we are, and what we do was required.

Who is the Resident Committee?

The Resident Committee is a consensus decision making body of seven Resident Members, that recommends policy to be adopted by the Board for all matters relating to the estate and reviews the performance of management in delivering the Board approved standards around the resident experience.

What does the Committee do?

As part of our meeting agenda, we consider reports from all key areas of the estate (these include Landscaping, Compliance, Maintenance, Security – as well as a Management Report). Each member is able to propose additional items for discussion, and all correspondence addressed to the Resident Committee is also responded to.

What type of commitment is required?

The Committee meet twice monthly (1x Tuesday 6-8pm and 1x Saturday 8-10am). We also attend/run a number of events such as the New Residents’ Cocktail Night and Resident Committee Event.

What has the Committee achieved?

The Committee’s achievements range vastly and have helped to shape our community and the services we receive. The substantial work around the Club’s move of Security providers from G4S to Quad over the last 12 months is a highlight. Our work in reviewing and engaging with Club Management monthly, helps to give the Resident Membership the best possible Landscaping, Maintenance, Security and Compliance standards.

The 250+ people who attended the 80’s Trivia night that the Committee proposed would also see that as an achievement over past club run events.

Why should I nominate? Do I need special skills?

To be a member of the Committee you don’t need any special skills other than being community minded, and willing to engage and donate your time to the betterment of the estate. We currently have a vast array of skillsets on the Committee including Electricians, Accountants, Small Business Owners and School Teachers!

How can I nominate myself?

All you need to do is to complete the nomination form (which you can download from the Club website, or collect from Reception) and gain endorsement from two other Resident Members. You will also need to provide a short biography about yourself. The biography lets other Resident’s know more about prospective candidates when voting.

2018 Resident Committee nomination form

What if I have further questions?

The Resident Committee Chairman is more than happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding our Committee or the Election/Nomination process. You can contact Malcolm Thomson via our email (

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter,
The Residents Committee