Hole Profile: North Course 2nd – Eastward Ho

Sandhurst Golf Melbourne North Course

Sandhurst’s North Course is one of two championship golf courses playable at the club, located in Melbourne’s Sandbelt region. The par 4 second, known as Eastward Ho, is characteristic of the open styled course, where shot placement and a player’s short game are crucial. Following on from a fairly straight forward opener, the second sets down a challenge for golfers, requiring them to start thinking strategically.

Teeing off next to water, where, with the exception of a lone tree on the right waiting to catch anything sliced, an open view presents itself and a player may be tempted to open up and push for a birdie. However, with fairway bunkers placed midway down, and a hole which is often subject to a crosswind, accuracy is key. A visit to the sand on the drive, will make saving par very difficult and a player may be better to play safe and short, if they do not feel confident clearing the hazards.

The second shot will probably require a medium to long iron to find the putting surface. If you fairly to hold the green, it is flanked by two sand-traps on the right, and surrounded by dips and hollows. Once more, accuracy is the key to avoid the frustration of dropped shots.

With luck (or skill), a player’s second will leave them sitting central on the putting surface, offering the chance of a birdie, or an easy two putt par. However, over-confidence, combined with the green’s natural undulation will often see the par slip away on this deceptive hole.