Hole Profile: Champions Course 15th – Graham Marsh

The Champions Course at Melbourne’s Sandhurst Club is a remarkable course, offering a fantastic range and variation of play. The 374m par 4 15th named after Graham Marsh is no exception. First impressions appear to be straight forward however a strategic plan should be the way to tackle this defensive par 4. The open feel of the hole can be deceiving and a powerful, but an accurate tee shot is required to set oneself up for an easier second and to keep out of trouble, avoiding the two bunkers guarding the left some 210+ yards down.

From the fairway, the second shot requires finesse rather than power, as a mid-iron should be sufficient to carry the green on this mid length par 4. With two bunkers short and right and a 3rd located on the left edge, the temptation is to play long and ensure clearance. However, with deep swales off the back any shot long, whilst avoiding the sand, will only lead the golfer to a difficult chip out the rough for their 3rd and potentially 4th, 5th and 6th…

With a good tee shot, the second can be played between the sand traps, rather than over them, allowing for a more cautious approach. Ideally one should aim for the front right of the green, setting yourself up for a 2-putt par. The chances of a birdie are slim on this one, and often will be determined by pin position but a solid par should not disappoint and allow the player to keep momentum going into the last 3 on the course, where the chances of being able to pick up a shot are slightly better.

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