Junior golf membership at Sandhurst

Junior Golf for Children Melbourne

At the Home to the PGA of Australia, there are extensive junior and family membership options as well as junior focused training programs, making Sandhurst one of the best golf clubs in the Melbourne area for junior golfers. Understanding the importance of making golf fun, helping kids develop lifelong skills in sportsmanship and providing them with a fantastic community of friends to play with, our junior options help develop the golfing stars of the future.

To help kids’ development Sandhurst offers the national introductory golf program MyGolf, aimed at helping juniors develop skills in respect and sportsmanship as well as teaching the basics of the game. This 10-week program is a great way for kids to get into the game and start their golf adventure or to build on already developed skills enabling them to become a more rounded player.

Sandhurst Junior Golf

For younger players, Sandhurst’s Eagles membership provides the perfect way to play with children, or grandchildren aged under 13. Eagles membership kids must be accompanied by an adult and can play at any time after 2 pm any day of the week. Members who already have Gold or Platinum membership could be eligible for a 50% discount off an Eagle membership.

As they grow and their passion for the game develops the Junior membership offers unlimited access for players aged 14-17, aimed at those wanting to move all the way through our junior program and become eligible for junior competitions. The junior membership includes a GolfLink handicap, enabling players to track their progress.

Junior Golf for Children Melbourne

Playing on championship courses, with expert coaching available from a young age can really help boost one’s game and many of Sandhurst’s juniors have gone on to become quality players. This includes Brett Colleta who at just 20 is already competing internationally and impressing everyone with his long and solid game learnt on Sandhurst’s two courses and junior programs.

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