Tour de Sandhurst

Le Tour de Sandhurst

The Tour de Sandhurst for 2017 begins Saturday 1 July. This is the 3rd edition of our annual Spin bike challenge that coincides with the Tour de France.

This year the challenge requires participants to cover 351km on the spin bikes over the 23 days that the Tour de France runs. This distance represents 10% of the total distance of the Tour de France.

The challenge starts this Saturday, July 1 and runs until Sunday, July 23. For those that haven’t done it previously it is an enjoyable challenge and for those that have know how satisfying and fun it actually is we look forward to seeing you push yourselves and complete this monster challenge.

It is free to enter and if you are able to complete the distance you will go into the draw to win some great prizes.

You are able to join any time while the event is running. To enter just register at the Sports Centre.

It gets bigger every year so let’s try to get even more people pedaling this year.