New golf membership initiative and offer

Sandhurst Melbourne making golf affordable!

Sandhurst Club has a three-pronged strategy to increase golf membership. This includes exploring merger and acquisition opportunities; exploring programs to attract new members and retain existing ones; and enhancing the golf experience. The Board of Directors recently established a Golf Membership Working Group to continue efforts in developing alternative membership options in an effort to increase golf membership.

This Working Group has developed a concept that the Board has approved to trial from 1 June for new golf members. This concept aims to attract new members by streamlining the membership offering and providing a competitive price for a single new membership product. The offer is a compelling 7-day golf membership (equivalent to a current 7-day Silver) for $2,800 plus $240 house levy with a 12-month commitment.

The objective of the new product is to attract more golf members to Sandhurst and to increase total revenue. The Working Group is confident that such a product, if taken up in sufficient numbers, will lead to a stronger Sandhurst Club for the entire community, including resident and golf members. The success of this trial will be a key influence on the future strategies upon which the Club embarks. Should the trial deliver a positive result, it would provide the Board with the flexibility to consider relieving pressure on future subscription fees for all members.

Member communication to fellow golfers is a highly successful marketing tool in golf membership campaigns. Resident and golf members are encouraged to promote this product to prospective members to ensure it is a success.

An Information Session will be held on Wednesday 6 June at 7pm for members to speak to the Directors leading the Golf Membership Working Group, Mr. Stott, Mr. Ferrari and Mr. Curtain.

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Golf Membership Working Group

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