Keeping active in isolation

Health Club professional Darren has designed a range of exercises specifically for the over 50s. Exercise is not only great for physical mobility, but helps to keep mentally fit as well.

Work through these exercises in the comfort of your home and at your own pace;

Supine extension: lie on your back with core engaged. Legs out straight or bent if you can’t keep the lower back pressed into the floor. Hold a medium to heavy weight straight up. Slowly lower back with straight arms until almost touching the floor and then lift back to vertical.

Glute bridge: lie on your back with legs bent and feet flat near hips. Engage core and glutes to extend hips up and down slowly.

Side leg lifts: lie on your side with one hip over the top of the other. With straight leg lift and lower the top leg slowly.

Open books: lie on your side with knees out in front and arms out straight along the floor. Use the lower hand to pin the top knee into the floor. Slowly rotate the top arm in the opposite direction. Make sure the knee doesn’t leave the ground.

Sky dives: lying face down with arms by hips. Engage glutes and lift feet, head and upper body off the ground as high as possible. Hold for 10 seconds.

Downward dog: start in a push up position. Engage core and lift hips up as high as possible. Drop head and heels down and chest towards feet. Hold at the top for a few seconds.