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The Resident Committee

A consensus decision making body

Resident Committee

The core objective of the Resident Committee at Sandhurst Club is to be a consensus decision making body representing all resident members, that recommends policy to be adopted by the Board for all matters relating to the estate and reviews the performance of management in delivering the Board approved standards around the resident experience.

In the first instance, all issues should be addressed to Sandhurst Club management at To contact the Resident Committee email

Resident Committee Members

The Resident Committee has significant responsibility in ensuring members’ voices are heard and that members’ ideas and concerns are addressed appropriately through the governance structure. In an effort to streamline this process, the Committee has assigned the following members to look after three areas of the estate, as delineated in the map. These Resident Committee members will ensure that any relevant issues raised are escalated appropriately and given due consideration.

Chris Sutton


Sandhurst Club Resident Committee

Lucas Patchell

Deputy Chariman

Sandhurst Club Resident Committee


Resident Committee Sandhurst Melbourne


Resident Committee Sandhurst Melbourne


Sandhurst Resident Committee Tim Syratt

Jonathan Hotston

Sandhurst Resident Committee Jonathan Hotston

Steve Herrmann

Sandhurst Resident Committee Melbourne