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Terms and conditions
Lockers are Sandhurst Club property. Members will be charged for any damages to the locker. Lockers are used at your own risk and Sandhurst Club does not accept liability or responsibility for the replacement of any stolen or damaged items. Food items are not to be stored in lockers. If complaints of foul odors are reported, the locker may be inspected and the hire agreement may be terminated, without reimbursement. Lockers may be inspected if not kept in an acceptable conditions. Annual fees are charged in line with the subscription year and are prorated if joined mid year. Keys are required to be returned prior to
the last day of the membership year if resigning or discontinuing hire. Bond will be refunded once the locker is cleared and key is returned. Lockers will be allocated on a priority basis in the following order (all non-resident): Foundation Shareholder, Platinum 7, Platinum 5, Gold 7, Gold 5, Silver 7 and Silver 5.

Payment options

You will receive an invoice payable by credit card.

Please note surcharges apply to Amex, Mastercard & Visa. These are on a cost recovery basis only and are subject to change.

Alternatively, you may also download, print and fill in this form: 

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