Constructing a crossover

Sandhurst Club Information Sheet

To ensure the quality of work is to Sandhurst Club standards and specifications all crossover alteration works are required to be inspected by a Sandhurst Club representative, 24 hours’ notice for inspections is required prior to pouring of concrete.

Owners of property conducting alteration works must adhere to the following and ensure their builder and/or contractor is advised accordingly;

1. It is advised that you have the Sandhurst Club Architectural Review Committee’s preliminary comments in relation to the design and location of your home, to ensure the siting of the residence can be approved.

2. Prior to the commencement of works for altering your crossover you must have obtained written approval and specifications from our engineers.

3. Inspect the site and report any existing damage in writing via fax to 8787 7033 at least 48 hours before commencing work. Failure to report such damage will make the owner of the property liable to pay full restoration costs.

4. You must notify our Assistant Estate Manager- Services at least 24 hours prior to the pouring of concrete. Email:

An inspection report will be conducted and providing alterations are completed to Sandhurst Club specifications pouring concrete can commence. If the alterations do not conform to Sandhurst Club specifications, details of what is required to bring alterations to specifications will be supplied and an additional inspection required. The inspection fee of $55 (including GST) is required for additional inspections. A copy of the inspection report will be forwarded to the owner.

5. Works: Any trenches left open not intended to are to be covered with timber decking or temporarily backfilled to ensure the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The work area shall be surrounded by orange safety mesh.

6. Reinstatement: Disturbed areas must be reinstated to a condition which is to the satisfaction of Sandhurst Club. All surplus and unsuitable materials must be removed from the site. Nature strips to be reinstated to Sandhurst Club satisfaction.

7. Notices: Owners of properties which may be affected by works are to be notified by the owner carrying out the works seven (7) days prior to commencement.

8. Removal of existing crossover; It is the owners responsibilities to remove the original crossover and provide appropriate nature strip. These costs are to be borne by the owner.


Alternatively, you may also download, print and fill in this form: 

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