Update of Details Form

Sandhurst Club Information Sheet

Sandhurst Club has chosen Quad Security Services to provide commissioning and monitoring of
your alarms. Quad Security Services holds a Victorian Police Security Licence to provide monitoring services for residents. In order to facilities ongoing monitoring of your home be Quad Security Services, you must complete and return this Home Security Authority – Update of Details to Quad Security Services.

Alarm Monitoring (remote monitoring of intruder alarm systems) at Sandhurst is arranged by Club Management for each home in accordance with the Club Rules. This service is provided to residents free of charge. Please supply as much detail as you are able – print using BLOCK letters and ensure that you sign the bottom of the page to give authority for your alarm to be monitored.

Please return completed form to securitymanager@sandhurst.com , call 1300 881 823 (24 hours), or drop off / send to Sandhurst Club Reception 75 Sandhurst Blvd, Sandhurst Victoria 3977

Section 1 – Reason for update of details

Section 2 – Primary contact details

Occupant must nominate a password for emergency identification purposes
please include the manufacturers name

Section 3 – Emergency contact details

Section 4 – Compliance details

If you answered no, your alarm cannot be commissioned or monitored at this time. Please call Quad Security Services on 1300 881 823

Section 5 – Further resident information

Alternatively, you may also download, print and fill in this form: 

Download Form