The role of Bellrock security at Sandhurst Club

Resident security update Sandhurst Melbourne

With the unique and personal approach to security provided to the Sandhurst Club by Bellrock Group, it can sometimes get confusing as to what services are provided (and what services are not). The three safety circles below summarise the broader services provided and the list to the right touches on each circle with some more detail.
We’re always available and we’re always happy to assist but in some occasions our powers are limited. Here are some frequently asked questions the security control room receives but might not be able to rectify.

My neighbour’s dog keeps barking, can you make it stop?
No, Frankston City Council’s Community Safety Department can assist, please call them on 1300 322 322.

I have been locked out of the house/car. Can security come and get me in?
No, a 24-hour locksmith can help.

Neighbours are playing loud music, can you please come and tell them to turn it down?
Yes, so long as the noise complaint is outside of EPA regulations, which are after 10pm Sun-Thur & 11pm Fri-Sat.

There is wild life damaging my property, can you come and remove them?
No, AWARE Wildlife Rescue might be able to assist, please call their 24hr number on 0412 433 727.

I have an alarm or issue outside of Sandhurst can you please send the security to check?
No, the Sandhurst Patrol cannot attend to issues outside of Sandhurst estate, though we can dispatch a mobile patrol for a fee.

There are some suspicious people in a car, can security tell them to leave?
Yes, at first the officer will attend and have a chat to the suspicious persons then record and report on their behaviour. This is normally sufficient to encourage suspicious persons to leave.

I saw person X commit a crime, can you send security to arrest them?
No, Security is limited by law under the Crimes Act 1958 section 462 ‘He Finds Committing’. This means security must witness the crime in its entirety to make an arrest. We will assist, observe and report until Police arrive.

The power / water / phone is out, can security come and turn it back on?
No, please call your power /water / phone provider.

I’m visiting a friend and I don’t have the gate access code, can security let me in?
Yes, provided you provide your name, contact and vehicle registration the Sandhurst Patrol will open the gate.

My security system is beeping, can security come and fix it?
Yes, a chargeable service call will be required for a technician to attend, assess and repair. If parts or additional labour are required to rectify, an additional cost will apply. Rates are available on the Club’s website here

Sandhurst’s Circles of Security

Within the home

  • Support and advise on effective security practices
  • CCTV & Alarm system installations, upgrades and repairs (fee applies)
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Alarm patrol attendances
  • Follow up on security incidents
  • Mail collection services

Within the estate

  • Manned guard patrolling every night
  • Assist in Sandhurst Residential Code compliance
  • Circulate among visitors, patrons and employees to preserve order and protect Sandhurst property
  • Inspect and adjust security systems, equipment, and machinery to ensure operational use and to detect evidence of tampering
  • Answer alarms and investigate disturbances
  • Call police, fire or ambulance departments in cases of emergency

Perimeter & community engagement

  • Attendance at monthly Neighbourhood Watch Meetings
  • Security information column in the Hub and the Neighbourhood Watch Monthly Newsletter
  • Management of CCTV throughout the estate
  • Regular liaison with local Police
  • Estate perimeter patrols including lockup duties