Sandbox summer tennis opening hours

Sandhurst Melbourne catch the Aus Open action

Come down to the Piazza to catch the Australian Open action! We’re also extending our opening hours so you can watch more games

Extended days Menus available from 5pm – 8pm What’s playing
Thursday 23 January Burger night Round 2, from 7:00pm
Friday 24 January Fish & chips + burgers Round 3, from 7:00pm
Saturday 25 January Asian Eats menu Round 3, from 7:00pm
Thursday 30th January Burger night Men’s Semi Final, from 7:30pm
Friday 31st January Fish & chips + burgers Men’s Semi Final, from 7:30pm
Saturday 1 February Asian Eats menu Women’s Final, from 7:30pm
Sunday 2 February Asian Eats menu Men’s Final, from 7:30pm

All closing times are subject to Supervisor discretion and can change without notice