Update from the Resident Committee

Resident Committee Update

The Resident Committee would like to officially welcome new members Tim Syratt and Jonathan Hotston for their two-year tenures. Committee members spend 100’s of hours a year of their own free time assisting and enhancing the Club experience for all members now and into the future. We commend anyone willing to put their hand up to serve in such a role.

We would also like to acknowledge the 120+ residents that braved the elements to attend our inaugural ‘Residents Celebration Night’ in July. It was great to see a lot of discussion and frivolity and we hope to grow this event again next year.

One of the big focuses over the next year for the Resident Committee is Communication and Engagement with the Resident Members.
Capturing ideas, capturing feedback – and most of all helping the Community engage with itself.

We live in a unique environment that simply doesn’t exist anymore in 2018 outside of Sandhurst. A community of like-minded people who are willing to engage with and support each other. We have a diverse range of Community Groups and activities for anyone to be part of – allowing friendships to be created along with some fantastic memories.

As a Committee we would love to hear ideas or feedback you may have about the Club, the Committee or more generally about living at Sandhurst. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Resident Committee – we are simply Residents just like you. Join the Group Discussion @ Facebook Group ‘Sandhurst Club Residents’.

Did you know?

The Resident Committee meets monthly to discuss the performance of Management in delivering the Board approved standards around the Resident Member Experience. We reply to all correspondence from Members who wish to volunteer ideas, assistance or request assistance with any disputes. You can contact us @ residents@sandhurst.org.au.