We’re All In

Sandhurst Melbourne

Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback and ideas through ALL IN.

With over 350 pieces of feedback, ideas and suggestions we are busy working through each and every one of them.

The most popular themes for feedback were:

  • Security – with a particular mention of gates
  • General parks, gardens, trees and maintenance
  • Menus – members seeking more regular changes
  • Dog bins and a dedicated dog park
  • Compliance – support for greater enforcement
  • Course bunkers (Champions) and flags
  • Golf membership ideas

Following your feedback, you will notice new menu items in both Hillview and Sandbox as the start of more regular changes to keep the menus fresh and enticing.

Management have been working closely with Super Gardens to return to expected levels of landscaping and maintenance. You should notice improvements in coming weeks.

Many ideas are being explored by Management, Committees and the Board to determine their viability. All feedback received has been invaluable to help shape future development plans and set priorities to make Sandhurst better for all.

Your ongoing feedback is greatly encouraged. If you have an issue or an idea email club@sandhurst.com at any time and be sure to take part in our annual surveys to have your say and input.