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Super Gardens awarded Best Commercial Landscape Maintenance and Management

Dec. 07, 2022

We are pleased announce that Super Gardens were awarded Best Commercial Landscape Maintenance and Management at the recent Landscape Victoria 2022 Annual Awards for their maintenance of the Sandhurst Estate. This award represents the culmination of a long and successful relationship between Super Gardens and Sandhurst that has remained strong for over 10 years. Whilst not always perfect, Super Gardens have always remained committed to their relationship with Sandhurst and have invested time and energy to lift standards when required.

When presenting the award, the following observations were made by Landscape Victoria.

“The visual presentation of this large established housing project was outstanding, immaculately maintained with skill and passion. The detail in all elements of the landscape could not be questioned and I was left wondering how a small crew of 6 can possibly present such a large site to this standard. The further you explore the making of this prestigious project the more you appreciate the Company’s foresight and wisdom. The successful model developed by Super Gardens incorporates the use of IT and multi media, communication on all levels, staff, client and management, sharing of responsibility, decision making and the sense of ownership with staff.”

We are very proud to work with Super Gardens and offer heartfelt congratulations for this well deserved award.

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