Women's Golf Clinics

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Our clinics are all about empowering you to enjoy the game of golf while connecting with fellow women golfers. Regardless of your skill level, we welcome everyone to take part. See our options below!

Beginner Clinics

Our Beginner Golf Clinic is designed to provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge you need to start your journey in the world of golf. Whether you're completely new to the sport or looking to refine your skills, our clinic is tailored to help you develop a strong foundation and set you on the path to becoming a confident golfer.

  • 6-week program
  • Basic Set up
  • Introduce full-swing/short game/putting
  • Introduce “golf attire

Intermediate Clinics

Our Intermediate Golf Clinic is designed for golfers who have a solid understanding of the basics and are looking to take their skills to the next level. This clinic is tailored to enhance your existing knowledge, refine your techniques, and introduce more advanced strategies to improve your overall performance on the course.

  • 6-week program
  • Revise set up techniques
  • Provide structured practice options
  • Introduce on course sessions and course etiquette

Advanced Clinics

Our Advanced Golf Clinic is tailored for experienced golfers who are looking to fine-tune their skills, optimise their performance, and elevate their game to a competitive level. This intensive clinic is designed to push your boundaries, challenge your abilities, and provide you with the expertise needed to excel in various aspects of golf.

  • 8-week program
  • Develop further confidence with on course
  • Introduce scoring
  • Introduce pace of play
  • Introduce golf rules
  • Introduce membership options

Chip and Sip Clinics

Our Chip and Sip Clinics designed to women to enjoy the social aspect of golf and enjoy half golf, half “sip” time with like-minded women.

  • 4-week program